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Will 2 Click

See what you're leaving your family & friends

We at Will 2 Click are committed to helping people see clearly what they are giving to family and friends. We struggled with managing our estate and it is important that our instructions are followed. We also wanted transparency in what we are leaving to whom. But the current process is complicated, costly and difficult to manage. 

So we built Will 2 Click the way we would want to see our personal items in our will.

You can easily update, add or change the recipients and let them, and your lawyer know what changes you made. You can see clearly how much you are leaving each beneficiary and adding new beneficiaries is simple. 

We wanted an app that would give us confidence that our estate instructions would be clear and we designed the Will 2 Click app that way.

Will 2 Click - the app that puts managing the items in your will, in your hands.

How it Looks

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